Ubigi eSIM Review

Ubigi eSIM is a worldwide cellular connectivity brand under Transatel dedicated to the Consumer Internet of Things. The company’s roots have been founded for over two decades, with headquarters in Paris, France.

Ubigi eSIM Review
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Meanwhile, Ubigi itself is headquartered in Japan that operates consistently worldwide. Furthermore, working under Europe’s leading MVNO allows it to have the support of over 190 global Mobile Network Operators.

The brand solely wants to achieve its mission through its SIM-free data plans. It commits to making private and business travelers leverage seamless and innovative connectivity experiences no matter where they are. So they can have a safe, stress-free, and memorable trip worldwide.

Additionally, its popularity has been shown by how this brand obtained more than 4.9K of reviews on Trustpilot. Plus, it gets more than 3.5K followers on Instagram and 1.4K on Facebook.

But can you rely on the internet connectivity from this brand? So to see whether its data plans can work best during your visit internationally, keep scouring our Ubigi eSIM review!

Why Ubigi eSIM?

Ubigi eSIM is a trusted brand that has thousands of customers around the globe. They rely on the Ubigi SIM-free and data plans to get smooth internet access in over 200 countries worldwide.

Additionally, its prepaid data plans are affordable and flexible for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and connected cars. The company also partnered with Apple and Microsoft to provide outstanding support for iOS and Windows devices.

Also, it has excellent connectivity solutions for connected cars like Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, and many more. So, flexibility, a wide selection of countries, reasonable pricing, and secure connectivity are great reasons to try this brand.

What's On Ubigi eSIM Data Plans

For short, Ubigi offers eSIM and data plans for international usage across countries. It has the flexibility that can be used on any device, from mobile phones to connected cars.

So, you can choose your destination, type, and validity. Furthermore, there are various data plans with different allowances that you can choose based on your needs. In addition, 5G is also available in 33 destinations currently at no extra cost. 

Ubigi Data Plans

  • One-Off
  • Monthly
  • Annual

By using this service, enjoy an instant setup and secure internet connectivity. In the following Ubigi eSIM review section, let’s see its SIM-free and data plans in detail in several countries!

Ubigi eSIM Europe Reviews

Planning to have a trip to Europe? Ubigi Europe Data Plans will provide a secure and smooth internet connection during your Europe trip. So you can stay navigated and connected with your device.

Ubigi eSIM Europe Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/UbigiOfficial
facebook.com/UbigiOfficial https://facebook.com/UbigiOfficial

Choose from a wide selection of EU countries like France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Turkey, and many more. Not only that, but there’s also a combination of several countries’ options like EU27+UK+Swiss and others.

In addition, you have the option to select from various types and durations based on your personal preference. Furthermore, the allowance range is 500MB-200GB with a price range of $2-$99. So stay connected during your Europe vacation with Ubigi eSIM for Europe!

Ubigi eSIM Japan Review

It’s a shame you can’t upload your activity during a vacation in Japan! Ubigi eSIM will provide affordable data plans in Japan. Like the product above, it has many types, validity, and destination.

Ubigi eSIM Japan Review
Image credit: facebook.com/UbigiOfficial
facebook.com/UbigiOfficial https://facebook.com/UbigiOfficial

Aside from tailored Japan data plans, there are also several combinations of destinations like USA-Japan, Asia, and the World. Moreover, if you suddenly run out of data, no worries since it has an easy top-up experience with no WiFi or data credit.

Furthermore, the NTT DoCoMo as a network partner ensures superb connectivity across Japan. It also can provide 3G, 4G, and 5G networks for a seamless experience.

The data option range from 500MB to 50GB with a $2.5 to $78 Japan price range. Therefore, choose the offers now and purchase the data plans at the lowest price!

Ubigi eSIM Korea Reviews

Currently, Ubigi South Korea eSIM data plans have only two options. It’s 3GB and 10GM, valid for 30 days. However, you can still have other options to get a connection in Korea by using different options of Best Asia, Asia, and Worldwide.

Ubigi eSIM Korea Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/UbigiOfficial
facebook.com/UbigiOfficial https://facebook.com/UbigiOfficial

Partnered with SK Telecom, its data plans can offer fast 3G, 4G, and 5G connections. Furthermore, the Ubigi eSIM plans range from 500MB-24GB and cost $3-$78.

For instance, the cheapest Korean data plan costs $9 for a 3GB allowance, 30 days validity, and a one-off type. So, if you want hassle-free data plans in South Korea, check the availability below!

Ubigi eSIM Price

How Much Does Ubigi Cost?

Generally, the combination of Ubigi eSIM and data plans offers a cheaper solution than roaming charges. Its data plans range from $2.5 to $180, with allowances ranging from 500MB to 200GB.

In addition, you can leverage the current offers to get the lowest price. So, join the email list to get fresh news about a discount code, promotions, and the latest data plan release!

How Does Ubigi Work?

Ubigi works with multiple networks around the globe to provide you with affordable eSIM data plans. Thus, to use it, you should do several steps below:

  1. First, you should download and install your eSIM profile app on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.
  2. Next, follow the instruction by creating an Ubigi account
  3. If done, log in to your account and buy a data plan based on your destination, needs, and preference.

Note that you should disable the WiFi and enable the mobile data on the device to be connected to Ubigi’s network. Then, you can enjoy a smooth network connection in multiple countries option.

Ubigi VS Airalo

While looking for the right eSIM for your needs, you may be tossing between Airalo or Ubigi. Hence, to help you make a decision, we’ve compared them.




  • Instant setup via app and web
  • Up to 200 destinations
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Flexible plan and validity
  • Up to 200GB of data
  • 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage


  • Easy access using app and web
  • Up to 84 countries
  • Excellent service and reminders
  • Superb pricing per Gig


  • Some issues with the app


  • Some countries have higher packages
  • The longest validity is 30 days
  • Only 4G coverage

Ubigi Review

What Do Customers Think?

Since this company offers a service and data plans, the testimonials section is the best place to uncover the quality. So we discover many Ubigi eSIM reviews from the customers. For instance, it has a 4.4/5 average rating from 4,912 testimonials on Trustpilot.

Aside from that, its app obtains a 4/5 rating from 782 feedback on Google Play. Meanwhile, in App Store, it collects ‎854 reviews with a 4.6/5 average rating. Now let’s see what the customer’s concerns and experiences from one of the reviews below:

… I was in Japan for 2 weeks, and it worked everywhere, even at the top of Mount Fuji. I purchased 10GB and used it only for navigation and texting, occasionally sending photos to friends and family. Yet, after 2 weeks, I still had enough data to use social media and Spotify without any problems.

Furthermore, another customer also said:

Instructions were easy to follow, and I could buy more data when my first plan ran out. Besides, I had no problems with my mobile coverage in many cities in Japan. The data plan of an eSIM is very affordable compared to the price of a physical SIM card. Overall, it’s a good first experience using an eSIM card.

Despite the positive reviews, we attach one negative review to see their concerns. Here it’s:

Its mobile app is not modern. Sometimes, you must refresh the main screen several times to check the current state. For the rest, it’s good and works well.

Nearly all users are satisfied with their experience thanks to the fast connection and wide reach everywhere. Furthermore, the customer also states the excellent customer service. For the complaint, we only found out about the app’s UX.

Is Ubigi eSIM Worth It?

If you plan to go overseas and have a device supporting eSIMs, Ubigi eSIM is worth considering. This provider offers a convenient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution. On top of that, you can even top up without using data or WiFi.

Is Ubigi eSIM Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/UbigiOfficial
facebook.com/UbigiOfficial https://facebook.com/UbigiOfficial

In addition, the company has myriad data plans and destination options. It can keep your budget low since eSIM data plans are 90% more affordable than roaming charges. So, it’s truly the best and most convenient solution to keep connected.

Ubigi eSIM Pros And Cons

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to consider the strengths and drawbacks of a brand. Thus, to compile all information in our Ubigi eSIM review, below are the brand pros and cons:


  • Up to 5G coverage
  • Over 200 countries
  • Smooth and wide range networks
  • Wide selection of allowance and validity
  • Secure encrypted data connection
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Instant setup and easy top up
  • Relatively affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service


  • The app’s interface needs improvement.

Ubigi eSIM Customer Service

How To Contact Ubigi eSIM?

Have specific questions or need a hand? Feel free to use the contact information below to reach customer service:

  • Email Address: info@ubigi.com
  • Phone Number: +44 2038081147
  • Live Chat: Blue button at the lower right
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @UbigiOfficial

Where To Buy

The only place to purchase its products is the official store at cellulardata.ubigi.com and the app. There you can also find a wide selection of data plans that are available in a wide selection of countries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about this brand? Check the FAQs below that are related to the Ubigi eSIM review.

Can I make calls with Ubigi eSIM?

It’s eligible to use your favorite VoIP to make calls and send messages.

Does Ubigi work in USA?

Yes, it does work in the USA and other countries.

What is the difference between Ubigi and Airalo?

Ubigi is a brand that provides free eSIM profiles, including local, regional, and international data plans and prepaid eSIM. Meanwhile, Airalo is a reseller of many eSIM providers and data plans.

Is Ubigi safe?

It’s a safe and legitimate eSIM provider with an encrypted internet connection.


The final verdict of our Ubigi eSIM review is this brand is truly one solution for international internet connection. With it, you can get a secure internet connection no matter where you are. Moreover, it’s at a far cheaper price than the roaming charge.

The eSIM setup is seamless, with myriad data plans and pricing options. Thus, stay connected no matter in which part of the globe you are with Ubigi eSIM!

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