Raylo Reviews

Leasing a phone sounds very interesting. With its unique approach, Raylo Group Limited quickly takes the industry by storm, although it was just founded in 2019. Furthermore, this great company was established by Richard Fulton, Karl Gilbert and Jinden Badesha.

Raylo Reviews
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Headquartered in Holborn, London, Raylo aims to transform how people obtain tech for good. It’ll make your dream phone within your reach. To achieve its mission, this brand offers phone leasing that allows you to access devices without ownership cost.

Impressively, we’re intrigued by this brand after its appearance on Sky, Sky Sports and 4. It also has been featured in U Switch, The Guardian, Forbes, Yahoo! News, Tech Crunch, The Telegraph and more.

Even more, it’s widespread in mass media, with over 12K followers on Facebook and 9.9K on Instagram. However, why does this company make such a fuss all over the place? Thus, let’s find all its information in our Raylo review!

Why Raylo Phone?

Using the refurb, reuse, and recycle as the secret sauce, Raylo truly changed the consumption of consumer technology. Leasing a phone can help reduce the carbon footprint and save money.

In addition, it has various product collections with top-notch accessories included. It’ll come with a free eco-case and screen protector for safer usage. On top of that, the unmatched insurance cover provides peace of mind starting at £4.99/month.

This company is also well-known for its wow customer service. The phones and other devices are also covered with a lifetime warranty, a 30-day return policy and free delivery.

What's On Raylo Phones

Do you always yearn for the latest phone launch? Well, leasing a phone is a great alternative. Raylo offers a service where you can rent SIM-free phones and other tech. Collections are available in various types, including iOS and Android, from Google Pixel to Samsung.

It works where you can choose the tech and term that fits your preference. Then, you can pay at an affordable monthly payment. When the term ends, you can choose whether to upgrade, keep, or return the device.

Product Collections

Phones Headphones Laptops
Watches Tablets  

No worry if you want to upgrade your tech. With its product collection, you can get the latest tech at the lowest price. However, to understand more about the options and the quality, let’s dig deeper in the Raylo review section below!

Raylo iPhone Review

Are you constantly tempted by the latest iPhone launches? Yup, Apple never stops to launch the newest model of their phone. So, although you bought the latest model, your iPhone will be outdated. But indeed, the most recent model has better specs and upgraded features.

Raylo iPhone Review
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Fortunately, Raylo offers a wide selection of iPhones, including the latest one. It’ll help you to keep up with the updates while not spending too much money on every launch. Furthermore, it’s an excellent alternative for those who always want to use the latest item.

In addition, this company offers the brand-new and refurbished option. If you want to save more, the refurbished one will priced lower than the brand-new one. Available in Monthly rolling, 12-month, 24-month and 36-month leases.

The longer the lease is, the cheaper the price can be. So, if you want to use it for a long time, it’s better to choose the 36-month leasing. Besides, use the optional insurance that costs £4.99/mo to ensure the quality and safety of the phone.

Various iPhone models are also available, from iPhone XR to iPhone 14. Currently, the lowest price is the Refurbished iPhone XR Phone, which costs £7.92 /month with a 36-month lease. Meanwhile, the highest is the Brand New Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB at £97.21/mo with a 12-month lease term.

Best Selling iPhones

Other Apple devices are available on its website, like smartwatch, MacBook and AirPod. Thus, are you ready to upgrade your iPhone with a very affordable alternative? Starting from £7.92!

Raylo Refurbished Phones Review

As mentioned, renting a refurbished device can offer a far cheaper monthly cost. Raylo refurbished phones are offered in diverse brands, encompassing Apple and Samsung.

Raylo Refurbished Phones Review
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It is also well furnished to ensure all things work as new. Also, it’s rigorously checked so the customer won’t see any flaws. However, since refurb is a second-hand phone, there’s a reasonable sign of usage.

For instance, you may see minor scratches. For iPhones, you may notice the battery health is decreased. Regardless, it’s still reasonable. But if you are unsatisfied with the refurbished device, you can apply for a return within 30 days—absolutely no harm.

Best Selling Refurbished Phones

Aside from the product above, other premium refurbished phones are available. So, choose your favourite brand and put your hand in your dream phone, starting from £7.92/month!

Raylo Airpods Reviews

Surprisingly, you can even rent an AirPods! Raylo AirPods has the latest collection of earbuds from Apple. Plus, all of the collections are brand-new items. So, you don’t have to worry about its hygiene.

Raylo Airpods Reviews
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Use the optional insurance that costs £2.99 monthly if you want to guarantee the AirPod’s safety during the lease. Furthermore, this insurance can cover accidental damage, loss and theft.

Similar to the phone collection, there are options for 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month leases. Currently, the headphones collection only from Apple with three types are available.

Raylo Headphones Collections

Instead of purchasing airpods, you can rent them. So when the end of term ends, you can upgrade it to the latest launch or keep your device. Thus, get your AirPods at Raylo starting from £7.56!

Raylo Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of Raylo is varied due to the wide product collection and leasing type. Based on the current product collection, the price ranges from £7.56 to £113.40. This price is pretty affordable, with refurbished options that are cheaper. Here are the details on the price range of each collection:

Headphones £7.56 to £17.96
Phones £7.92 to £77.54
Laptops £24.71 to £113.40
Watches £10.56 to £29.80
Tablets £10.88 to £69.95

Questioning whether there’s a discount you can leverage? Although offering a sale is not often even for a tech renting company, it has some available perks. Check the current saving below:

  • Free shipping for next-day delivery
  • £20 off voucher code for student discount
  • Find all products on sale in the Summer Sale
  • Choose the refurbished tech for the cheapest leasing
  • Sign up for the newsletter for exclusive perks notification

Raylo Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Since its establishment, this brand has obtained high enthusiasm from the customers. Many people have used its service and shared their opinions and experiences. For instance, it’s rated 4.5/5 average star with 7,479 reviews total on Trustpilot.

Raylo Customer Reviews
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Considering the thousands of customer reviews total with its high rating, it shows how positive the customer experience is. Now let’s check the Raylo mobile review, both negative and positive opinions. Here’s one of Raylo reviews:

There was some chaos when ordering my new phone. However, the staff was efficient, kept in touch throughout the process, and helped me get what I wanted. Constructive, good communication and went above and beyond to help their customers. Will recommend.

We also thoroughly scour to find some complaints. So consider one of the complaint reviews below:

The service provided by Raylo was excellent. My device was delivered on the requested date, and there were no issues. I was slightly disappointed with the battery health of the phone I received, but maybe that’s just the downside of a refurbished phone.

Like the testimonial above, the user stated about the good phone quality and service. The only downside is the shipping delays or the battery health in the refurbished phone leasing.

Is Raylo Worth It?

If you want to use a certain phone type in a short time, then Raylo is worth considering. It has affordable monthly prices that are great for renting a phone. But if you want to use it for years ahead, buying the phone outright is better.

Is Raylo Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/joinraylo
facebook.com/joinraylo https://facebook.com/joinraylo

Aside from that, both brand-new and refurbished devices are of good quality. Even for the refurbished one, it’s still in excellent condition with minor signs of usage. Not to mention the superb customer service and insurance will guarantee your satisfaction.

Raylo Pros And Cons

For those who are ready to make up their mind, below is the summary of the pros and cons. So consider it carefully to make a wise decision.


  • Fantastic assortment of tech
  • Excellent quality for a new or refurbished phone
  • Eco-friendly packaging and choice
  • SIM-free phone
  • Great free accessories
  • Cheap monthly price
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-rated and reviewed 


  • The refurbished phone has slightly low battery health
  • Delay in shipping.

Raylo Customer Services

How to Contact Raylo?

Ensure to stay connected with the brand, whether pre or post-purchase. So use the contact number and information below to reach the customer service team:

  • Email Address: help@raylo.com
  • Phone Number: 0333 050 9880
  • Live Chat: At the lower right bubble
  • Social Media: @joinraylo

Headquarters Address

5 New Street Square
City of London

Where To Buy Raylo

You’ve come to this section where you know all the most vital information. Are you ready to select your phone? Then head over to the official website at www.raylo.com. Choose your dream phone and purchase it at the best price!


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about the brand when looking for a Raylo review. So check the FAQs related to the brand.

Can Raylo be trusted?

Concluding from all sections in our reviews, this brand is trustworthy, with high customer ratings and reviews. Plus, the reliable customer service guarantees your purchase.

Is Raylo a real company?

Yes, it’s a real company registered in England and Wales with the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (841488).


Our Raylo review concludes that it’s a legit company for renting a phone, laptops and other quality tech. You can browse a selection of high-tech devices that fit your needs and preferences. Plus, it has no upfront cost, making it more affordable.

This company is also authorised and regulated by the FCA, which enhances its trustworthiness. There’s nothing harm in renting a phone. Enjoy the most updated device at the lowest price with Raylo!

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