About HOTWAV Company

HOTWAV was founded in Shenzhen in 2017 to serve local consumers with high-quality mobile devices and accessories. But it grew bigger as a global company affiliated with Shenzhen Tugao Intelligent Co., Ltd.

About HOTWAV Company
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facebook.com/HOTWAV.OFFICIAL https://facebook.com/HOTWAV.OFFICIAL

This high-tech enterprise is supported by a dedicated R&D, national high-tech service, and production team with advanced experience. As a result, they have become a fabulous foundation for developing quality products with excellent customer service.

Furthermore, the company has the sole mission to connect passion with life. Currently, it has expansive markets, including Asia, Europe, America Eastern, European countries, and South America. Besides, it has more than 120 distributors in 60 countries worldwide.

This will keep expanding its collection with high-end technology and rugged design. Its popularity keeps rising, with over 8.8K followers on Instagram and 1.2K on Facebook. But what exactly makes this brand interesting? Get to know things about this brand in our HOTWAV review!

Why HOTWAV Mobile?

Some of you may not know about HOTWAV being a mobile and gadget brand. But it can be the best option for those looking for sophisticated gadgets at the lowest price.

This brand also offers super rugged phones that provide unparalleled durability. Moreover, the super cool design enhances the look of a rugged phone and makes it look different from typical smartphones.

Regarding customer service, this brand also provides great coverage, like most brands. For instance, all products are covered with a 12-month warranty, 30 days return policy, and free shipping for HK purchases.

What's On HOTWAV

We know some of you may have a destructive hand that caused you a lot of crushed phones. HOTWAV is a manufacturer of high-quality mobile and accessories. However, what makes people know this brand is its rugged phone.

Indeed, this company is leading in rugged mobile solutions with resistance against shock, water, and dust. So its device will stand any adventure and terrain during your work. This brand also keeps developing its collection with other gadgets as time goes by.

Product Collections

With all of those products listed, is each item worth purchasing? To feed your curiosity, our HOTWAV review will closely examine some of their products. Scour more!

HOTWAV Note 12 Review

Note 12 Smartphone

The first product on our list is the best-selling HOTWAV Note 12 Smartphone. Featuring a 48mp high-resolution primary camera, it’s the best option for those who like to take pictures for realistic and clear photos.

HOTWAV Note 12 Review
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hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

The macro lens allows its camera to shoot highly subtle objects with incredible and shocking details in life. Meanwhile, the 16Mp AI selfie camera will capture a clearer and smarter image for your selfie needs.

In addition, the powerful octa-core processor offers a lag-free performance thanks to the two A75-Cortex and six A55-Cortex of 1.6GHz. This processor also allows it to have less power consumption with a super battery life of 6180mAh battery.

Note 12 Specs

  • Screen Display: 6.8″
  • Storage: 8GB RAM + 128 ROM
  • Android: 13.0
  • Processor: Octa-Core Unisoc T606
  • Camera: 48MP Triple Camera & 16MP front camera
  • Battery: 6180mAH

Adopting Android 13 OS provides more control over the app and other high features. Furthermore, it has sleek black and stunning orange color options. Choose one based on your preference. So, leverage all the high features and high-end cameras on your hand at only $199.99!

HOTWAV R6 Pro Review

R6 Pro Rugged Tablet

Looking for a super durable tablet for your specific rigorous work? The HOTWAV R6 Pro Rugged Tablet is the best option. This tablet features an Android 12 system and a 10.1-inch HD screen.

HOTWAV R6 Pro Review
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hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

To enhance its ruggedness, it features corning gorilla glass and IP68 and IP69 K-certified construction. Moreover, the 15600mAh large battery supports a long-lasting usage of up to 900 hours standby.

Additionally, the powerful Octa-core processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM for the best power and efficiency. As a result, it delivers sustained high performance and reliable user experience.

R6 Pro Specs

  • Screen Display: 10.1″
  • Storage: 8GB RAM + 128 ROM
  • Android: 12
  • Processor: Octa-Core Helio P60
  • Camera: 16MP front rear & 16MP front camera
  • Battery: 15600mAh

The camera has a lower resolution than the Note 12 with 16MP rear and front cameras. Thus, enjoy a multi-tasking tab with super ruggedness in grey and orange at only $419.99!

HOTWAV R5 Review

R5 Rugged Tablet

If you demand a rugged tablet but have a limited budget, consider this HOTWAV R5 Rugged Tablet. This tablet is the previous version of the R6 Pro with lower specs and more affordable pricing. Almost half of the price of the R6 Pro.

HOTWAV R5 Review
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hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

Similar to the previous tab, it features a 10.1-inch HD+ display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Consequently, it offers a high resolution that delivers rich colors and high clarity. Besides, its touchscreen also works even when wearing gloves, which means even better usage in your work.

The robust build allows this rugged tablet to withstand shock, water, and dirt. What a reliable partner for your harsh environment. Furthermore, the 15600mAh large better deliver 900Hrs standby, similar to R6 Pro.

R5 Specs

  • Screen Display: 10.1″
  • Storage: 4GB RAM + 64 ROM
  • Android: 12
  • Processor: Octa-Core Helio P22
  • Camera: 16MP front rear & 16MP front camera
  • Battery: 15600mAh

The powerful octa-core Helio P22 processor can provide stunning optics, reliable connection, and fast processing speed. However, it has lower RAM at only 4GB and 64GB ROM. Therefore, get this R5 rugged tablet for your work at the most affordable price of $299.99!

HOTWAV Cyber 9 Pro Review

Cyber 9 Pro Rugged Phone

Need a rugged phone for your outdoor life? The HOTWAV Cyber 9 Pro Rugged Phone is exclusively designed as an affordable solution for your outdoor life. So this phone will have an enhanced build for durability.

HOTWAV Cyber 9 Pro Review
Image credit: hotwav.com
hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

Using the 19.5:9 6.3 inch HD water drop display offers a high resolution with a max brightness of 450nit. Besides, it’s dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof with an IP68/IP69K rating—no worry about a splash of water during your outdoor activity.

Engineered with Octa-Core Cortex A73 with 2.0GHz central frequency, it offers excellent performance for your daily work and entertainment. Meanwhile, the Cyber 9 Pro also has ample storage of 8GB RAM and 128 ROM with Samsung UFS 2.1 memory.

Cyber 9 Pro Specs

  • Screen Display: 6.3″
  • Storage: 8GB RAM + 128 ROM
  • Android: 11
  • Processor: Octa-Core Helio P60 8 Core
  • Camera: 48MP front rear & 16MP front camera
  • Battery: 7500mAh

No worry about the camera quality. It has a 16MP front camera and triple rear camera of Samsung 48MP sensor, five micro cameras, and a blur camera. So, feel free to capture a moment outdoors without worrying about its durability at $269.99!

HOTWAV Cyber X Pro Review

Cyber X Pro Rugged Phone

Plan to purchase the Cyber 9 Pro but have a better budget? Consider the HOTWAV Cyber X Pro Rugged Phone. This phone is the upgraded version of 9 Pro with higher specs.

HOTWAV Cyber X Pro Review
Image credit: hotwav.com
hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

It has all the upgraded features like much bigger storage with 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Besides, it has higher camera quality of 108MP main camera and 16MP front camera. Enjoy a higher performance and super vivid image quality.

In addition, the 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 chipset with up to 2.2GHX clock speed ensures faster and smoother performance. Plus, it is equipped with 10200mAH mega better and 33W fast charge. What a long hour of usage with super fast charging time.

Cyber X Pro Specs

  • Screen Display: 6.78″ FHD
  • Storage: 12GB RAM + 256 ROM
  • Android: 13
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G99 Octa Core
  • Camera: 108MP front rear & 16MP front camera
  • Battery: 10200mAh

It features the IP68 waterproof, Ip69K dustproof, and MIL-STD-G810 shockproof for ultimate durability. So, purchase this Cyber X Pro phone for super ruggedness, performance, and high features for only $299!

HOTWAV W10 Pro Review

W10 Pro Rugged Phone

The HOTWAV W10 Pro Rugged Phone is one of best selling smartphones with an ultra-large battery. The 15000mAH battery offers a long-lasting running time of up to 5 days. Surprisingly, this phone can magically become a reliable power bank for other devices. What a great companion while off the grid.

HOTWAV W10 Pro Review
Image credit: hotwav.com
hotwav.com https://hotwav.com

In addition, the 653-inch in-cell HD+ display with 720×1600 resolution will feast your eyes with vibrant details. Meanwhile, the 20MP rear camera with an auxiliary camera and dual flash ensures a satisfying photo result.

The water and dust resistance with an IP68 rating allows you to capture the wonder of underwater while diving. On the other hand, the front camera is only 5M, but it still can capture a good pic of you with a beauty filter. You’ll be effortlessly beautiful.

W10 Pro Specs

  • Screen Display: 6.53″ In-Cell HD+
  • Storage: 6GB RAM + 64 ROM
  • Android: 12
  • Processor: Helio P22 Octa-Core
  • Camera: 20MP front rear & 5MP front camera
  • Battery: 15000mAh

For a consistent user experience and high performance, this rugged phone features the Helio P22 Octa-Core processor. So, ensure you get the right phone for your outdoor activity with this W10 Pro smartphone at $219.99!

HOTWAV Mobile Price

How Much Does It Cost?

HOTWAV offers well-priced products with all the specs and construction it has. The price is very reasonable, with ultimate ruggedness, from $47.98 to $2,200. The lowest-priced is TW06 earphones, and the highest is SKA2500 Portable Power Station. Check the range price of each collection:

Price Range

Rugged Phones $169.99 to $419.99
Tablets $199.99 to $419.99
Smartphones $89.99 to $199.99
Power Stations $2,200
Smart Wearable $47.98

FYI, this brand also has free shipping for HK orders, which means great shipping savings. Aside from that, join the newsletter to get exclusive updates, arrivals, and discount codes!

HOTWAV Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This brand still has a small number of customer reviews. It also has no reviews in third-party review platforms like Trustpilot. But all of them are positive and have no huge negative reviews. Below is the data of ratings for several products on its website:

HOTWAV Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/HOTWAV.OFFICIAL
facebook.com/HOTWAV.OFFICIAL https://facebook.com/HOTWAV.OFFICIAL
  • Note 12 Rugged Phone: 4.75/5 average rating based on 4 reviews
  • R6 Pro Rugged Tablet: 5/5 average rating based on 2 reviews
  • Cyber 9 Pro Rugged Phone: 4.50/5 rating from 2 reviews

As you can see, although it has only a small number of testimonials, most are positive and highly rated. Here is one of HOTWAV’s phone reviews of the R6 pro:

I ported my sim card from my carrier, which was an easy setup. As for the features of this tablet, it is more than what I expected, tough, waterproof, rugged, and enough storage. It works more like a portable Chromebook, like when Windows tablets came into the market.

We chose one containing nitpicks for the second feedback to see the flaws. Here it’s from the W10 Pro review section:

I purchased it for camping and fishing. The packaging is excellent. This phone is weighty. For appearance, it is worth it.

Nearly all customers state about good build, great features, ease of setup, and high ruggedness. The only downside is only about the heaviness due to the durable build and small matters of shipping.

Is HOTWAV Worth It?

If you are looking for rugged phones, tablets, and other outdoor devices, HOTWAV is worth purchasing. Its products have an ultimate durable build with high shock-, dust-, and water resistance. You can even dive with it.

In addition, it’s equipped with high features, a large-capacity battery, a robust processor, and even a quality camera. On top of that, all of these features are offered at affordable pricing. Thus, feel free to leverage all the smart features of rugged phones and tablets.

HOTWAV Pros And Cons

We know some of you like to be straightforward. So, we’ve summarized the pros and cons below for a clear view of the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Shock-, dust-, and waterproof
  • Robust processor and storage
  • Wide and clear HD display
  • Quality rear and front camera
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return  policy
  • 12-month warranty
  • Positive customer reviews


  • The small number of customers reviews
  • Pretty heavy due to its durable construction.

HOTWAV Customer Service

How to Contact

Its customer service would like to help you with anything that happens during your pre and post-purchase. So, reach their customer service that’ll respond during the business hours of 10:00 AM-06:00 PM UTC+8 Monday to Friday via:

  • Email Address: info@hotwav.com
  • Phone Number: +86 166 2515 9323
  • Live Chat: Lower right bubble
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @hotwav_official

Headquarters Address

Room 801, 802, 1001, 1002, Building A
Jingang Science and Technology Park, Qiaotou Community
Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Where To Buy HOTWAV

Eager to try brand-new gadgets? Then, visit www.hotwav.com to explore its collection, from rugged phones to power stations. By purchasing there, you can find all the authentic products at the most reasonable price!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a lot of questions about this brand? Check the following FAQs below that most people ask about HOTWAV reviews.

What are the specifications of the HOTWAV phone?

Every phone has different specs depending on the type. But basically, it has a high processor, durable display, shockproof, water resistance, and ultra-clear camera. Check the review above for further specifications and details.

Who owns HOTWAV?

This company is owned or run under Shenzhen Tugao Intelligent Co., Ltd.


Our HOTWAV review has provided everything necessary about the brand, including its strengths and weaknesses. It manufactures great devices for your outdoor needs with ultimate design.

The thing that amazes us is the affordable pricing. You can get high specs and unparalleled durability at such a low price. So grab your rugged devices for versatile performance during your exploration with HOTWAV!

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