The Big Phone Store Reviews

The Big Phone Store is one of the leading stores in the UK when it comes to purchasing and selling gadgets. It was established in 1999 under the trading style of SPS Technology Services Limited.

The Big Phone Store Reviews
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Its high value lies in the passion for providing first-rate customer service and the best prices for your ultimate satisfaction. Now, the company already ships millions of orders from its 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Wolverhampton, West Midland.

Being one of the oldest UK retailers, it managed to make a solid user base. Many loyal customers rely on this store to upgrade their phones. As a result, it obtained over 4.1K customer testimonials and 4.3K followers on Facebook.

But there’s a lot of information that you shouldn’t miss about this brand. So, explore more of our The Big Phone Store review to make a risk-free purchase!

Why The Big Phone Store?

With its long history, what exactly do people trust, TBPS? There are a lot of things that this store committed for you. First, it has a wide selection of quality products, from brand-new to refurbished.

No matter what your handset device needs, this brand has a collection of the cheapest ones. Also, it covers various payment options, including interest-free finance options.

The full UK customer support also ensures you’ll find the ideal purchase. They also will guide you in your purchasing journey for maximum satisfaction. On top of that, it offers free delivery, a 14-day money-back guarantee, and up to a 12-month warranty.

What's On The Big Phone Store

Like other phone retailers, TBPS offers brand-new and refurbished phones. Not only that, it also provides tables, smartwatches and other accessories.

Its extensive collection of gadgets has guaranteed quality. Even for the refurbished phones, you’ll feel like using a brand new phone. Furthermore, it covers a wide selection of renowned brands, from Google Pixel to Oppo. Here’s the collection of its products.

The Big Phone Store Products

  • Refurbished Phones: Apple iPhones, Google Pixel, Huawei Phones, Xiaomi Phones etc
  • Tablets: Apple iPad Pro 4, Samsung Tablets, Huawei Tablets, etc
  • Smartwatches: Watch Series 3, Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE, Pixel Watch LTE, etc
  • Accessories: Phone cases, screen protectors, headphones, headsets, power banks, etc

Since it also offers refurbished phones, some may already know you can sell your device. So, it’s the best place to sell your device and upgrade it to the latest one. In the following section of our The Big Phone Store review, let’s dig deeper into some of its products!

The Big Phone Store Samsung Review

New And Refurbished Samsung Phones

No doubt, Samsung is one of the biggest brands that everyone’s dream to have. Its popularity keeps rising with its modern and high-tech design, which competes with other big brands. In recent years, we have also been amazed at how this brand launched the Z flip and fold with a sleek design.

 The Big Phone Store Samsung Review
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The Big Phone Store has an impressive collection of new, used, and refurbished phones, tablets and smartwatches of Samsung. Surprisingly, the pricing is excellent, even for the new phones. Below are some recommendations for new Samsung phones:

Bestselling Samsung Refurbished Phones

For refurbished phones, several options, from new to good, define the phone’s condition. That being said, the state will determine how low the price is.

We love how the refurbished phone in pristine condition comes in the original box and everything inside. Also, the battery life and quality are like brand-new items. But at a far low price.

Aside from that, you can also find other smartwatches and tablets from Samsung. So, discover superb gadgets like Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 5G.

The refurbished Samsung phones are a greener and cheaper alternative to upgrade your smartphones. So, upgrade your Samsung phones at the most reasonable price, starting from £20!

The Big Phone Store Pricing & Phone Deals

How Much Does It Cost

When it comes to pricing, The Big Phone Store absolutely offers the best price. It has a great pricing range starting at £0.99, which is its SIM card collection. At the price, find SIM cards from brands like Voxi, GiffGaff, Vodafone, and Lebara.

The Big Phone Store Pricing & Phone Deals
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Collections Starting Price
Phones £7.99
Tablets £90
Smartwatches £9.99
Accessories £0.99

Indeed, there’s no specific sale like military or student discount. But the price range for new and used smartphones is already very cheap, considering the quality offered. Not to mention, all the available offers can be advantageous to get the lowest prices. Check the list of some of the ongoing savings below!


  • Free royal mail shipping on orders over £30
  • Visit its collection to find up to 50% off phone deals
  • Join the email list to obtain a unique discount code and future perks

The Big Phone Store Delivery Policy

The Big Phone Store ensures prompt and safe delivery within the UK. The standard delivery will cost £4.99, and free shipping for orders over £30. Meanwhile, the cost starts at £9.99 for the next delivery via Royal Mail and Courier Express Saver.

You’ll receive an email notification once the items have left the warehouse. It includes detailed information and tracking numbers. Use the tracking numbers to monitor your package process and the estimated product’s arrival.

The Big Phone Store Returns

Indeed, purchasing a refurbished phone online is tricky since you can’t see the products first. Fortunately, you can enjoy a risk-free purchase thanks to the 14-day return policy. So, within that period, you can get a refund for your purchase.

This return and refund policy applies for products returned within the period and in original condition. However, even though the 14-day period has passed, the company still guarantees your satisfaction with the replacement or repair. Thus, submit your return to start the process!

The Big Phone Store Warranty

The Big Phone Store is dedicated to providing the highest quality product and support. So, to ensure you have a quality guarantee, this company offers a comprehensive warranty policy.

The brand-new and refurbished devices will be covered with a 12-month manufactured warranty. Meanwhile, the batters will carry a 3-month warranty covering faulty due to the normal level of use. Therefore, if you see any faulty, its technicians will fix it for you.

The Big Phone Store Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

The Big Phone Store is a leading UK company that is compared with various well-known brands such as Music Magpie, Carphone Warehouse, and Envirofone. It has a million purchases with thousands of customer testimonials on several platforms like Trustpilot.

The Big Phone Store Customer Review
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Before digging deeper to find customer complaints and praise, check the rating data below:

  • Trustpilot collects a 4.7/5 average rating based on 2,179 testimonials total
  • Google Review gathers a 4.7/5 rating based on 985 reviews in total
  • Facebook collects a 4.3/5 rating based on 80 testimonials

See how high the average rating determines the customer satisfaction level. Now let’s see what the customer said in one of The Big Phone Store reviews:

… Upon opening the box, it turned out to be in the original box, I guess. Got the phone out, not a single scratch, not even a fingerprint. Also, the Oppo phone has a phone cover! I saved over £300 just because the phone wasn’t sealed. I love my phone, which is like new and fast shipping! Will buy from you guys again!

We hardly find negative reviews about this brand. But we managed to find several complaints about the company. Here’s one of the complaints:

Purchased the iPhone 12 in “Good” condition, and I was quite surprised. There were only a few smudges on the edges of the phone ….. The Screen is immaculate, with no scratches whatsoever. It looks and feels brand new. However, the battery, which drains quickly…

Considering all the reviews we have scanned, most of them state about the good product condition. It only has small flaws and comes in all working fine. The shipping and customer service are also immaculate. Aside from that, there’s only some small nitpicks about the battery.

Is The Big Phone Store Worth It?

Looking for a trustworthy brand to buy a second-hand phone is not easy. The Big Phone Store is definitely a worthy choice to get your upgraded device. Here, you can get a refurbished or new device with the best quality guarantee.

Is The Big Phone Store Worth It?
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Besides, all devices undergo a rigorous test before being in your hand. The price is also relatively affordable with the high quality and superb customer service. So, get a cheaper and better alternative to get a new device with this best UK phone store!

The Big Phone Store Pros And Cons

In order to make your decision much more accessible, we’ve summarised all the information in our review. Carefully consider this online phone store‘s pros and cons below:


  • large selection of models and brands
  • Thorough refurbishing process
  • Certified with 70+ quality checks
  • Various payment options
  • Cheaper prices
  • Free shipping
  • 14 days return policy
  • Up to 12 month warranty
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • Very few customers state about the battery quality.

The Big Phone Store Customer Service

How To Contact

Don’t let your curiosity haunt your nights. It’s better to make everything clear before finalising your purchase. So if you need anything, contact the customer service team via:

Headquarters Address

Unit 9, Wednesfield Business Park,
Waddens Brook Lane, Wolverhampton,
England WV11 3SF

Where To Buy The Big Phone Store

To browse its phone collection, head to its online shopping site at Aside from that, its official store is also available in Waddens Brook Ln, Wolverhampton. Visit the store during the opening times at 9 am–5:30 pm from Mon to Sat!


Frequently Asked Questions

When getting to know this online store, you may have several questions you’re curious about. The following are several questions related to The Big Phone Store review.

Who owns The Big Phone Store?

This phone store is under the wing of SPS Technology Services Limited.

Where is The Big Phone Store based?

The store is centrally based in Wednesfield Business Park, Wolverhampton.

Is The Big Phone Store legit?

With over 2 decades in the industry, these refurbished devices are absolutely legit. It has a safe payment process and a secure website. Plus, the company get all the positive testimonials from the customers.


Every person wants to make the best investment in purchasing smartphones. The Big Phone Store review offers a great alternative to keep your devices up to date at a reasonable price. This company has well-refurbished phones with certified quality checks.

This store also has a wide selection of second-hand and new devices at the best pricing. Plus, the coverage it offers against any risk in the future. So, it’s time to upgrade your devices affordably at The Big Phone Store UK!

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