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Onestream is a UK home broadband provider headquartered in Fareham, Hampshire. This brand has been years in the industry since 2016. Furthermore, it was established by two co-founders, Aaron Brow and Darren Ridge.

Onestream Reviews
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In addition, it strives to provide a world-class customer experience with reliable, strong, and fast fibre broadband. The customer service will give you a simple test customer-first approach for the best experience.

Not long after its establishment, it grows at a neck-breaking pace. It even has been featured on CompareTheMarket, Go. Compare, MoneySuperMarket, and USwitch. Besides, the user excitement also shows with 2.9K followers on Facebook and 2K on Instagram.

Now, are you curious about more information about the brand? Read more of our Onestream review to see its collection and what the customer said. Thus, hurry up and move from section to section!

Why Onestream?

Onestream has wide coverage within the US with unlimited downloads and high speeds of Mbps. Even better, it has a simple switch with expert team help to make it easier.

As mentioned before, it aims to deliver outstanding customer service. So, it provides a friendly UK-based support team ready to help you at moments. Also, the 14-day satisfaction guarantee allows you to feel free to leave.

What's On Onestream

Onestream is a leading brand in finding reliable full-fibre broadband in the United Kingdom. There are several plans that you can choose based on your needs. It ranges from 62 to 900 Mbps of average download speed. Below are the currently available plants:

Onestream Broadband Packages

Residential Business
  • Supreme Full Fibre 80
    (Up to 62Mbps)
  • Supreme Full Fibre 115
    (Up to 100Mbps)
  • Supreme Full Fibre 220
    (Up to 200Mbps)
  • Supreme Full Fibre 550
    (Up to 500Mbps)
  • Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000
    (Up to 900Mbps)
  • Business Ultra 1000
    (Up to 1Gbps)
  • Full Fibre Pro 115
    (Up to 92 Mbps)
  • Full Fibre Pro 220
    (Up to 176 Mbps)
  • Full Fibre Pro 550
    (Up to 440 Mbps)

What is the difference between each plan? We’ll find the answer in the following Onestream review section. Let’s learn more about each plan to find the best features for your needs!

Onestream Broadband Review

Onestream broadband uses TrueFibre to bypass cabinets and connect directly to the home. So, instead of copper cable, it uses 100% full fibre for a faster and more reliable experience.

Onestream Broadband Review
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The full fibre cables will be connected straight to your home without using any copper cables or cabinets. By doing this, it’ll boast higher connection reliability. Enjoy a stable and fast network in your home.

Additionally, its full-fibre broadband plans are also available in various ranges of speeds. It can reach lightning-fast speeds up to 900Mbps, which is 23x faster than standard fibre broadband.

Usually, the standard fibre with 11Mbps average speed will take almost an hour to download HD movies. But, the full fibre broadband allows you to download an HD movie in seconds with up to 800 Mbps average speed.

Full-Fibre Broadband Plans for Residential

  Supreme Full Fibre 80 Supreme Full Fibre 115 Supreme Full Fibre 220 Supreme Full Fibre 550 Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000
Average Download Speed 62Mb/s 100Mb/s 200Mb/s 500Mb/s 900 Mbps
Unlimited Downloads YES YES YES YES YES
Contract Period 24 Month 12 Month 12 Month 24 Month 24 Month

The various plans allow you to enjoy the desired speeds based on your budget. However, choose the plans based on your needs. If you like to do streaming and need faster speeds, it’s better to choose the higher one. So start your journey for a lightning speed and stable connection starting from £19.50!

Onestream Router Review

Onestream has two kinds of routers, depending on the package. For instance, the Onestream Fibre 55 and 80 packages will have essential routers. Meanwhile, the Full Fibre package will come with Onestream Superstream Router.

Onestream Router Review
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However, it’s not free. There’s a £3.95 monthly fee to get the router. Furthermore, the router used in Superstream is a Technicolor TG588v2 single-band device. It includes additional features like website blocklisting, time limits, and parental controls.

In addition, you can even use your own router in this package. But the router should be compatible with the package. The Onestream Fibre 55 and 80 will require a modern router with a DSL port at the back. This will be plugged into either a phone socket or microfilter.

Meanwhile, the supreme 115, 220, 550, and Hyperstream 1000 need a router with a WAN port at the back. It’ll be used to connect with the new Openreach ONT. More importantly, it should be capable of handling up to 1Gbps speeds.

Basically, its broadband is pretty flexible as long as it matches those small requirements. It even can work with 2.4ghz, 2.4/5ghz dual-band, and Wi-Fi 6. But, consider based on your needs. So, let’s choose your package now!

Onestream Assured Reviews

Onestream Assured is a product that is dedicated to providing a safety net. It’ll help you fix any issues with its telephone or broadband service. Simply put, it’ll deliver a premium service to assist your experience.

Onestream Assured Reviews
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Furthermore, it comes with an enhanced level of customer care. In ordinary cases, you should wait 3-4 working days to resolve the faults using Openreach. But you can get it fixed the next day with this product.

It also has a level-up version, Assured Premium. It has all the same benefits as Assured Plus. But it comes with a greater service level and resolution time of only 6 hours at any time. So, get timely service to fix issues at £3.95 to £9.95!

Onestream Broadband Cost

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices of broadband packages vary depending on the speed of the connection. The price range is started from £19.50 a month in a 24-month contract. Further, the longer the contract period is, the cheaper the monthly cost is.

Broadband Prices

Supreme Full Fibre 80 £22.00 /mo
Supreme Full Fibre 115 £30.95 /mo
Supreme Full Fibre 220 £34.95 /mo
Supreme Full Fibre 550 £42.95 /mo
Hyperstream Full Fibre 1000 £43.95 /mo

FYI, if you want some deals, input your postcodes. Then, you’ll find the available broadband deals in your locations. This broadband provider also offers free trials or subscriptions. Simply login to your account to claim it.

Onestream Broadband Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my Onestream contract?

Onestream offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee for those who just use its service. Furthermore, you can reach the provider’s customer service team if you want to cancel the broadband.

Keep in mind that you should cancel it from the direct debit. It can lead to additional charges on the final invoice. However, this cancellation needs 30 days of notice.

Onestream Broadband Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Since its establishment, this broadband provider has helped millions of users to get a fast and stable connection. So, Trustpilot accumulated 12,330 reviews in total, with 64% of 5-star ratings. But are all of those reviews good? Let’s see some of Onestream reviews:

Onestream Broadband Reviews
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Exceptional customer service. We fetched an especially good internet service, and the customer support agents are absolutely professional. He’s friendly and helpful. Thank you, Sam Pechal, who went all the way to support us with our router. We’re also very grateful and pleased with your assistance…

Now, we already know the positive reviews. What about the negative one? Below is one of its broadband user’s concerns:

Archie was amazing and exceptionally helpful. He sorted out a fair deal on moving house. But I had to wait around 45 minutes to get through to him. It’s the only downside, and that was after filing 2 online forms last week…

Most of the customers state about the impressive connection and deals. Also, the customer service is very helpful and good service in solving any issues. However, the users complained since they had to wait long to reach the representative.

Is Onestream Broadband Worth It?

Looking for the fastest connection? The Onestream full-fibre broadband is the most worthy option. Full fibre broadband can offer a more reliable and fast connection with multiple package options.

It also tailored the packages for residential and business at the cheapest deals. So you can choose one that most matches your needs. It also works flawlessly, backed by good customer support.

Onestream Pros and Cons

With our thousands of words, you may find it hard to get the points. So, we’ve highlighted the bright and dark sides of the brands. Use the points below to make your decision:


  • Multiple broadband packages
  • More stable and fast connection
  • Wide UK coverage
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Simple switching procedure
  • Affordable pricing
  • 14 days cancellation policy
  • Favorable ratings and testimonials from customers
  • Outstanding customer service


  • The site lacks information
  • There is no live chat feature.

Onestream Customer Service

How do I contact Onestream?

This company will do anything to help you in the purchasing journey. So, feel free to reach customer support if you have any questions about the plans or any technical issues.

Headquarters Address

Unit 15, Fulcrum 2
Solent Way, Fareham
PO15 7FN

Where To Buy Onestream

Ready to have a stable connection in your home? Then, it’s time to find the most suitable broadband on You can buy the plan exclusively and see the details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, people have a certain related question when browsing for Onestream reviews. So, we’ll provide those questions and answers you may be curious about.

Is Onestream a good company?

This company is absolutely worth it, with lines of award achievement and a high range from the customer.

What does Onestream do?

Onestream is a company offering fibre broadband within the UK.

Whose network does Onestream use?

This broadband provider uses BT’s Openreach network.

Is Onestream legit?

This broadband provider is legit, with thousands of users and high-rated plans.


Now you can say bye to those loading signs. Our Onestream review offers the solution to bring a lightning-fast connection to your home. What’s more, full-fibre broadband is available for your residential and business needs.

It also provides a low price with 23X faster internet connection than standard fibre broadband. Hence, get Onestream full-fibre broadband to your home for a jaw-breaking speed connection!

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