Robokiller Review

RoboKiller is becoming the most popular spam caller blocker app in the market today. It has been helping millions of people to improve their communication experience by blocking unwanted calls & texts effectively.

Robokiller Review
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RoboKiller started as an innovation from a Teltech company that found its way by winning the FTC Humanity Strikes Baack Competition in 2015.

Then the App debuted on the Apple App Store in 2017. A year later, it was released to the Android App Store as well as reached 500,000 MAUs. The App keeps growing over time.

Since its existence to this day, RoboKiller has received a great response and achieved several awards, such as the Apple App of the Day, Webby Award for Technical Achievement, Stevie Award For Machine Learning & Bot, Best in Biz Consumer Product of The Year (Silver), Better Business Bureau Accredited, etc. 

It has been featured in ABC News, Today, Wired, CNBC, Consumer Reports, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest, Fox News Channel, etc. Most media platforms recommend this smart App.

Its popularity gets even better, as seen on social media, with 30.3k+ followers on Facebook and 3.1k+ followers on Instagram with a verified bandage. 

Is this App really safe? We’ve done an in-depth review of this App to prove its effectiveness. Here we’ve also included verified testimonials and everything in between. Stay with us in Robokiller Review.

Why Robokiller?

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It can effectively eliminate 99% of your spam calls and texts. This is why you should use this App.

As seen on the website, this App has successfully prevented 600 million spam calls and saved 1.5 billion phone numbers with more than 12 million installs nationwide. And it has proven to take 500 million hours of scammers’ time wasted. 

The other reason this App is great for you are:


  • Governmental backing
  • Award-winning solution
  • Engineering expertise
  • Engaged customer base
  • Great media support

What's On Robokiller

Robokiller app offers the best solution to control your phone safely and solve your problems regarding spam. Most people rely on this App to keep them safe from strangers.

With excellent features, this App lets the users customize how and when to block calls and texts. Users can also provide feedback to train the machine algorithm to become smarter and more impressive.

This is probably the most badass App for returning spam calls. This App will block and automatically answer calls, making scammers think they’re talking to a real person.

Robokiller App Review

This spam caller blocker has two main functions: call blocking and spam text blocking. Additionally, this App comes with customizable features designed for ease of use.

Robokiller App Review
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  • Spam call blocking

This robocal blocker can quickly identify incoming spam calls within a millisecond thanks to the call blocking algorithm. If they detect a spam call, your phone will not ring, and spammers won’t reach it. 

The best part? This App is specially designed with an Answer Bots feature. Once you activate this feature, bots will answer every spam call automatically. You can create your own Answer Bot voice or choice the available voice such as Kermit the Frog, Ice T, etc. 

What’s more, the app gets even more impressive with its patented audio-fingerprinting technology. The system will render the audio-recorded record of the robocall and check it against similar fingerprints in its global database.

  • Spam text blocking

Not only call spam, but text spam is also bothersome. With its machine learning algorithms, this app works as your SMS protection. Once a spam message is detected, it will be shifted to the junk, promotion, and transaction folders.

Many other features can be found in this app. Download the app now and start a free trial.

Robokiller Spam Lookup

Like tracking your package, you can also check the scammer’s number through the lookup tool. All you need to do is enter the number in the search field and wait for the results.

Another plus is the most active autodialer numbers that have been identified will be posted, making it easier for you to be aware of those numbers.

How Does Robokiller Works?

To get started, download the app on the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS users. Then, you should log in to access the entire feature. 

For spam call blocking, the system will detect incoming calls directly and analyze whether spam is detected. If so, you will not get the call, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, this app also has the same flow to recognize unwanted messages. When a new text arrives, the system will work to analyze it. All spam-detected messages will not appear on your iMessage. 

How Much Does Robokiller Cost?

Robokiller Pricing

At Robokiller, you’ll get a 7-day trial that allows you to try the app before subscribing. If you feel confident with the app, you can continue to select the premium plan to access unlimited features. Here’s the plan:

  • Annual Protection Plan costs $39.99/year ($3.33/month)
  • Monthly Protection Plan costs $4.99/month ($59.88/year

Once you upgrade to a premium plan, you’ll unlock several advantages to rest assured that your phone or number is protected from spammers.

Robokiller vs. Robo Shield

It’s no secret that anti-spam apps have spread like wildfire in the market. It often leads to apples-to-apples between one app and another. Hence, we will show you why Robokiller is better than other apps like Robo Shield.

Take a closer look at the following comparison chart:

  Robokiller Robo Shield
Price $4.99/mo $2.99/mo
Real-time call screening  Yes No
SMS protection Yes No
Machine learning  Live audio fingerprinting  Forwards blocked calls to voicemail
Spam fighting robots  Yes No
Global scammer databases 1.5 billion phone numbers  Not listed 

It’s clear! The table above shows that Robokiller is indeed more advanced in terms of features and technology used. Not to mention the easy access against spammers. 

Robokiller Pros & Cons

Alright, we’ll show you a few points about the positive and negative side of this spam blocker app, as mentioned:

Robokiller Pros 

  • Scalable technology
  • Powerful scam protection
  • App free download and free trial 
  • Efficient and easy to navigate
  • Live audio fingerprinting
  • Full spam call blocking

Robokiller Cons 

  • It’s a great app but sometimes works well on iOS than on Android

Does Robokiller Block Legitimate Calls?

This app will only block numbers listed on the global blocklist, which will be updated daily. You can check it on the Spam Lookup page for the numbers.

The app will not block legitimate calls in your area even aren’t in your contact list. You can also add any number blocked incorrectly by this app. Just put them in the “allow” list.

If you’ve got a number you’d like to block, you can select the number and put it on your block list, so they don’t call you repeatedly.

Is Robokiller Worth It?

If you are already aware of the risks of spam, this blocker app can be your free alternative to avoid unwanted calls or messages from strangers. It’s worth trying

Users can also set the level of call blocking to schedule call blocking when they expect an important call. This is very useful for you and your business. 

Robokiller Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

If you think our explanation doesn’t convince you, you should read these verified testimonials. It has 4.5/5 ratings from 376.9k reviews in the App store and 4.2/5 ratings from 105k reviews in Google Play Store. 

Starting from the first review, One happy buyer feels the benefits of efficiently blocking spam confidently. She said:

Very happy with this product. I was constantly getting unwanted calls and since using this App I haven’t had to answer an unwanted call in over a year. It is well worth the cost and has saved me so much time …

With its ease of access, another buyer expressed excitement after using this app. He mentioned:

I love this app!! I have had it for 2 years now, and it has made my life so much more enjoyable. I don’t ever get the recorded solicitation calls.

Another customer confirmed that this app is smart for minimizing incoming robocallers or robotexts. As she said, it’s such a wonderful system to have a safe call. 

It’s a great thing to have on my smartphone. No need to worry about any spam calls or telemarketer calls. What a great gift to me for the holidays and everyday life..

There are hundreds of reviews that you can find. Many of them give positive feedback, but a few give suggestions to improve the system further.

How To Contact Robokiller

Do you find it trouble? The support team is ready to help. Go to the contact page and look for the answer you need, or visit the customer support page to reach out to the help center. 

You may also drop them a line at:

The team will be answered your message as soon as possible. 

Mailing Address

Teltech Systems, Inc.
555 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011

Where To Get Robokiller

To get full access, you can visit the official website. The website is easy to navigate and streamlines your search.


While you’re searching for Robokiller reviews on search engines, most customers asking the following questions. 

Is RoboKiller Free To Use?

Absolutely yes! If you’re new to this app, you can enjoy free trial within 7 days. 

How Do I Cancel My Robokiller Subscription?

Here are the easy ways to cancel your subscription:

  • Open the website page and log in into your account
  • Click on “Manage Subscription”
  • Select “Cancel Subscription”

If you find it trouble, please contact customer service by emailing

Can Robokiller Be Trusted?

Why not? This app is safe for everyone due to its advanced technology, which includes excellent features and accuracy in detecting incoming spam.

How To Deactivate Robokiller App?

If you want to stop using this app both on your Android or iOS, please follow these instructions:

  • Select the Settings tab (in the bottom right of the app)
  • Click on “Help & Support”
  • Choose “Deactivate This Phone”
  • Follow the next steps


Are robotexts and robocalls dangerous? In short, yes! If you don’t realize you’re answering or replying to the message, it could lead to scammers unlocking your privacy and misusing it.

No need to worry. Robokiller helps you to get rid of spam and block the number automatically. It’s a great app to have a safe call on your phone. You can download this app for free and access the features without hassle. Get your phone and privacy safe with this smart app!

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