Gigaclear Reviews

Gigaclear Ltd was born in 2010 through the help of commercial investment and BDUK (Government-subsidised Broadband Delivery UK programme). Infracapital owned this broadband network company, one of Europe’s best infrastructure investors.

Gigaclear Reviews
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Since its establishment, it had one sole mission to unlock the poorly served rural communities’ potential. So more people would enjoy fast and reliable broadband. This commitment makes the fibre reach people in hard-to-reach areas.

The highly solutive fibre network allows them to grow rapidly, with over 300K rural homes and businesses waiting in the UK. Besides, it already removes thousands of customer reviews and 4.2K followers on Facebook.

This brand is truly a solution for your connection needs. But can you trust your dollars to their service? Let’s see whether you can invest your money in our Gigaclear review. We’ll uncover everything about it, encompassing the current discounts. Let’s scour more!

Why Gigaclear Fibre?

Internet access is highly vital in this generation. But some people find it hard to access fast and reliable connections. If you have these issues, it’s why you should try Gigaclear. So, fibre network broadband gives you the freedom to work and play at home.

Its networks stretch over 22 counties within the South West, South East, and Midlands. Furthermore, the company offers a selection of tailored plans that fit your needs. It includes home usage to business usage.

The high-end Smart WiFi Mesh technology also provides a powerful and super-fast connection. On top of that, the brand also offers the find plans at affordable prices with top-notch customer service.

What's On Gigaclear Broadband

Gigaclear offers broadband, WiFi, and entertainment even in rural areas. Using the FTTP network brings ultrafast broadband with many superior broadband packages. So, the customer can choose a selection of packages with different speeds and benefits.

Aside from this, it has tailored packages based on your needs. From home to business usage, it got all covered. Below is the list of services that are currently offered.

Gigaclear Collection

With BDUK, this brand partnered with local authorities to extend its network within the county broadband. It includes Superfast Northamptonshire to Wiltshire Online. Next, let’s dig deeper into its offers!

Gigaclear Broadband Reviews

Home Broadband Plans

As mentioned before, Gigaclear has a selection of packages that are tailored to your needs. The Gigaclear Home Broadband uses the monthly based plan purchase to access the WiFi with no dead spots in your rural area.

Gigaclear Broadband Reviews
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What we like about the plans is the up to 900 Mbps speeds. So you can enjoy the super-fast connection for your needs, from streaming to gaming. Below is the list of its Home Broadband Plans.

Gigaclear Plans

  Superfast 200 Ultrafast 300 Ultrafast 500 Hyperfast 900
Speeds 200 Mbps 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 830 Mbps
Linksys Router Dual-band Dual-band Dual-band Tri-band
Smart WiFi Available  Available Available Available
Additional Node No No Yes Yes
Price £17 £17 £25 £49

The up to 900 Mbps average upload and download speed is very impressive, considering how it works in rural areas. Aside from this, it also has other tailored packages for your needs. Below is the list:

  • Home Phone: Broadband phone service in rolling monthly for as little as £3.
  • Smart WiFi: Stellar WiFi experience with additional nodes to connect up to 100 devices.
  • Entertainment: Ultimate entertaining plans for TV, streaming, and gaming.

Depending on your preference, these collections allow you to keep the budget low. So, the best option for you and leverage the superfast internet in even hard-to-reach areas start from £3 monthly!

Gigaclear Router Reviews

Smart WiFi Plans

The Gigaclear Smart WiFi leverages the smart WiFi mesh technology with additional nodes. Creates a wider coverage mesh and performance throughout the home. Basically, the broadband products come with a powerful Linksys router.

Gigaclear Router Reviews
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Simply put, this router widens the reach and strengthens the connection for faster internet. Features? One of the best is the parental control features via the Linksys WiFi app. The WiFi 6 also can eliminate interference and connect up to 100 devices.

Several options are available, from one to 3 routers, with an additional cost of £6 monthly. It also has two Linksys routers: Dual-Band for Ultrafast and Tri-Band for Hyperfast Broadband Packages.

The installation is very easy. Simply download the Linksys app and connect the device to WiFi. Then, name the WiFi, create a password, and place the node at the best spot.

Voila, you can enjoy the upgraded performance with a snappy connection. Thus, create greater coverage and faster speeds at your home starting from £17!

Gigaclear County Broadband Reviews

Do you confident with your broadband? Why don’t you try using the speed test to check? Many people are confident about the broadband speeds, but it turns out to be not the best speed status out there. Gigaclear offers a great broadband service within rural Britain.

Gigaclear County Broadband Reviews
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So its broadband will help you to put a rocket in it and significantly boost your connection. It covers many areas, including Superfast Northamptonshire, Superfast Berkshire, Fastershire, Superfast Essex, Devon & Somerset, West Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire Online.

The company works with Local Authorities to provide you with the best connection. So input your postcode now to see whether you’re included!

Gigaclear 6 Months Free Reviews

As smart buyers, we sometimes won’t take our expectations high. Fortunately, for those still sceptical, you can try the Gigaclear 6 Months Free Trial before being loyal. So there won’t be any harm in trying their broadband.

Gigaclear 6 Months Free Reviews
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This offer is only available for new customers who order the 300Mbps, 600Mbps or 900Mbp 6-month residential package. Besides, it’s also applicable to certain community networks only. Therefore, check the link below to see whether you can harness this free trial!

Gigaclear Prices

How Much Does It Cost?

Gigaclear offers relatively affordable pricing with great features and downloading/uploading speeds. So you can tailor the budget and function of the plans based on your needs. Here are the price lists of the services:

Gigaclear Pricing

Home Broadband

Superfast 200: £17
Ultrafast 300: £17
Ultrafast 500: £25
Hyperfast 900: £49

Home Phone

Evenings and Weekends: £3
Evenings and Weekends PLUS: £6
Anytime PLUS: £9

Business Broadband Start from £85.50
Entertainment Start from £23

Additionally, this provider offers a 6-month free trial to try its worthiness before subscribing. You can also get a special £40 Amazon gift card by referring a friend. Or simply subscribe to its email list to get special discounts and Gigaclear deals for existing customers’ notifications!

Gigaclear Broadband Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

From the all section above, you know our legit opinion about this brand. But it seems not only us since Gigaclear has received impressive reviews from other experts. For instance, it obtains a glowing opinion from Broadband Genie, MoneySuperMarket, and others.

Gigaclear Broadband Customer Reviews
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But one question remains do other customers on the same page as us? When we scoured Trustpilot, it received a 4.3/5 average rating from 10,989 reviews. Very impressive if we consider the how many numbers of reviewers and ratings.

Below is one of the Gigaclear reviews from a customer that we think is worth considering:

Since I’ve been waiting for fast internet in my area for some time, it’s finally here! Their engineers, Connor and Tash, were prompt, courteous, and very helpful when setting up the router and its attachments. It went from an average download speed of 11 Mbps to a very fast 850 Mbps!

Another customer testimonial also said:

Our customer representative, Jenny, was amazing and the best customer representative I’ve ever dealt with. She organized for the installation team to contact me, and within 5 minutes, they were calling me to talk about efficiency. The Gigaclear product is so much better than other providers…

Regardless of the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we choose one complaint to see any concern about the provider. So here it’s:

The web page is terrible. After attempting to notify a simple cancellation of moving house via change of address, it took 2 attempts online and a 19-minute phone call to get it done. That’s not good enough. A shame because the broadband service I received from the start was very good.

The thousands of positive reviews and ratings can ensure your peace of mind to try this brand. Generally, the customers have glowing opinions about the speeds and service. In contrast, some complaint reviews are only about installation delays and customer service.

Is Gigaclear Worth It?

Considering the pricing and Mbps offered, Gigaclear is worth the value. At a similar price, it provides faster internet speeds. Besides, we also like how fibre broadband allows you to get an internet connection even in rural areas.

Is Gigaclear Worth It?
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The service installation is imposing, with friendly and professional technicians. Furthermore, combined with a great Linksys router, it can provide extra coverage in all your house. Overall, this company offers high performance, fast speed, and impressive customer service.

Gigaclear Pros And Cons

Nice, you’ve come this far! From all sections above, we’ve presented how our view of this brand. Now it’s time for you to make your decision. Thus, check the pros and cons below as your consideration factors!


  • Hassle-free fibre connection
  • A great option for tailored plans
  • Up to 77x faster uploading speeds
  • Smart WiFi Mesh options for better coverage
  • Affordable pricing with a free trial
  • 14 days cancellation policy
  • 10K+ positive reviews


  • The installation date may take longer
  • The price depends on the bargain.

Gigaclear Customer Service

How To Contact Gigaclear

Have any questions or problems? If so, check the support page to find the answer to your questions. If you still can’t find the answer, reach the support team via:

  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: 01865 591 131
  • Live Chat: Middle right red button
  • Social Media: @gigaclear

Headquarters Address

Gigaclear Ltd, Building One
Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon
Oxon, OX14 1UQ

Where To Buy

Ready to keep connected even in rural areas? Then it’s time to purchase the fibre broadband packages in its official store at Besides, its collection is also purchasable from several online shopping platforms!


Frequently Asked Questions

For more insights about the brand, check the FAQs below related to the Gigaclear review.

Who is Gigaclear owned by?

Infracapital is the owner of Gigaclear Ltd, which is a leading European infrastructure investor.

Does Gigaclear use BT?

It doesn’t use BT Openreach since it builds and maintains its network infrastructure.

Why is Gigaclear cheap?

Its pricing is relatively cheap due to the use of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) providers in rural areas.

Where can I find the Gigaclear Status?

To find the Gigaclear status and past incidents or problems in your area, you should visit the Network Status page.


Based on information in our Gigaclear review, it’s the best option for those living in rural areas with hard-to-reach networks. It offers high-speed networks using fibre technology, ensuring robust performance.

In addition, the company has nice plan packages for home and business needs. Thus, upgrade your connection to a super-fast fibre network with Gigaclear!

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