Metrofone Reviews

Embark in 2010, Metrofone was established by the same corporation as Fonehouse, KTM Online Limited. So, it has been in the industry with over 13 years of experience, specialising in telecommunication.

Metrofone Reviews
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Metrofone is a mobile phone retailer. The company sells a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets, and accessories. Moreover, they also offer a variety of contract plans and SIM-only deals.

The company is based in Berkshire, England, with a dedicated team behind it. With extensive experience, it works with the best mobile phone manufacturers to offer the highest product quality.

Furthermore, it partnered with several leading UK mobile communications networks for the very latest deals. Besides, the company aims to deliver the best service and connections.

It has served thousands of customers with over 3.4K customer testimonials on Trustpilot. On top of that, its social media account has pique users’ interest with over 10K Facebook followers.

However, since you’re planning to purchase a phone that doesn’t cost cheap, it’s better to do thorough research. Thus, let’s read more about our Metrofone review covering testimonials to the latest deals!

Why Metrofone?

If you’re looking for the most affordable mobile phone and networks, then it’s the best reason Metrofone is the best option. It has an expansive assortment of handsets, from the most expensive to the mid-range budget.

In addition, it strives to deliver outstanding customer service that is dedicated to you. Plus, you can enjoy free next-day delivery, secure payment, and 14 days return policy.

Collecting thousands of customer reviews, this company seems pretty trustworthy. So, this company is absolutely legit with all the customer reviews.

What's On Metrofone

For short, Metrofone is a company that offers mobile phones and SIM with affordable monthly tariffs. There you can find even the latest models from remarkable brands. It also includes brand-new and refurbished phones.

The company works with EE to offer the most advanced mobile networks. Find the tailored contract from renowned networks with the cheapest tariffs. Take a look at the brands that you can find on its website:

  • Phones: iPhone, Sony, Samsung, Google, Honor, MI, CAT, Emporia, Nokia, Huawei, etc
  • Networks: Three, Talkmobile, VOXI, Vodafone, and Smarty

With this service, you can find the latest phone and the best network contract at the lowest price. It’d be great to save more and enjoy the best from your mobile phone. Next, look deeper at its products and services in the Metrofone review section below!

Metrofone iPhone 14 Pro Max Reviews

iPhone 14 Pro Max 5G

Looking for the latest iPhone with the lowest pricing? Then consider its iPhone 14 Pro Max 5G. This Metrofone iPhone itself has a fast connection of 5G with a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display.

Metrofone iPhone 14 Pro Max Reviews
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The 14 Pro Max has a sleek design due to the seamless and durable Ceramic Glass Shield. Furthermore, it features a long-lasting battery eligible for fast wired charging and MagSafe wireless charging. 

In addition, the new robust A16 Bionic chipset and quadruple rear camera become the perfect companion. It’s available in 128GB and 256 GB with Space Black, Silver, Gold, and deep purple options.

It only two networks offered, which are Three and Vodafone, with various data plans from 33GB data to unlimited. The cost ranges from £18-£60, with upfront costs starting from £35 for a 24-month contract.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max 5G SIM Free is also available with £1199 upfront cost and 1 Month Free Insurance £10.99. Check it now before it last and get the best contract!

Metrofone EE Reviews

Multi SIM Card

As mentioned, Metrofone partnered with EE, the largest network provider. So it can offer an expansive range of only pay mobile phone deals from the best broadband packages.

Metrofone EE Reviews
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The Metrofone Multi SIM card is a SIM-only offering available in 1, 12 and 24 months contracts. Moreover, it can be used with any SIM-free handset, so it’s highly flexible.

Here, choose from the 5 biggest networks of Three, Vodafone, Smarty, TalkMobile, and Voxi. On top of that, you can customise your contract based on your budget rate and needs. So you don’t have to fixate on a limited data plan.

What’s more, all tariff is accompanied by unlimited text and minutes. Thus, choose your tailored multi-SIM card and data plan starting from £6.95!

Metrofone Price

Metrofone price list varies depending on the products and data plans. However, its mobile phone contract starts at £10.50. Meanwhile, SIM-free phones range from £43.99 to £1595.99, which is the highest place in the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G launch.

For the Multi SIM Card data plans tariff also varies since you can be tailored based on your needs. But one thing is for sure. You can get as low as £6.95 per month.

Want to get it lower with a voucher code or other offerings? Check the list below since we’ve hunted some perks for you:

Metrofone Deals

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Refer a Friend to obtain £25
  • Unlimited text and minutes on all data plans
  • Visit the Contract Phone Deals to find items on sale
  • Check the extra list since some contracts offer monthly cashback
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to obtain unique discount codes, and future offers notification

Metrofone Vs Fonehouse

When buying a phone from a retailer, you may also consider other companies like BuyMobiles and FoneHouse. Although one family, you may experience a dilemma whether choosing Fonehouse or Metrofone.

They both have the same roots, but Fonehouse has longer experience. Below is the comparison of both companies:



  • 14 days return policy
  • Free and fast delivery
  • The website is not easy to navigate
  • Products are always in stock
  • Expansive lines of brands
  • Low pricing with cashback
  • 14 days return policy
  • Free and fast delivery
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • The items often out of stock
  • Wide collection of brands
  • Affordable pricing

Metrofone Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Have second thoughts about this company? That’s a must for savvy buyers. Fortunately, thousands of reviews allow you to see the customer’s opinion. Trustpilot has collected 3,427 testimonials with a 4.5/5 average rating. Below is one of Metrofone reviews from a customer:

Metrofone Customer Reviews
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…I rang the customer service team, spoke to the UK call centre, and discussed the deal I had seen in detail. Everything was very straightforward, and the DPD and service delivering the phone the next day was excellent. I secured a fantastic deal on a new 2-year contract, and the service was perfect…

Similar to the previous feedback, one of the customers also stated:

Magnificent process from start to finish. The response was swift, and I’m thrilled with the deal I got for an extra £15 per month. Mr Del, when I checked the network’s website, was very prompt and came two days earlier than expected. I’d highly recommend him.

Not only positive reviews, but we also had one complaint that said:

I’ve used these before, and they are very good with prompt delivery. It was a decent transaction. However, the delivery was not made on the same day, and I had to wait for an additional 24 hours, which is not a problem for me but maybe for some people.

Contemplating all the reviews we’ve scoured, most of them state swift delivery, outstanding customer service, and affordable pricing. Regardless, there’s mixed opinion about the shipping. Some state it isn’t made on the same day.

Is Metrofone Legit?

Yes, Metrofone is a legitimate website. The company is a subsidiary of KTM Online Limited, which also owns the Fonehouse brand. KTM Online Limited is a privately held company that is headquartered in London.

In addition, the brand is also a member of the Mobile Phone Retailers Association (MPRA), which is a trade association for mobile phone retailers in the UK. Further, MPRA has a code of conduct that all its members must adhere to, which helps to ensure that customers are treated fairly.

Is Metrofone Worth Buying?

No other we can say, Metrofone is a worthy investment you can make for a mobile phone. The product quality is unquestionable since it is chosen from the best manufacturers with authentic products. Not to mention the low pricing.

Is Metrofone Worth Buying?
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Furthermore, exclusively working with EE allow it to provide the best deals and contracts. Not to mention the extra cashback in the monthly payment. Overall, the top product quality, reasonable pricing, and excellent service are worth praising.

Metrofone Pros And Cons

Ready to make your own final decision? Review the pros and cons of Metrofone to make your decision: 


  • Many phones available from wide price ranges
  • Myriad collection of contracts from trusted networks
  • Affordable pricing with good deals and cashback
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 14 days return policy
  • 100% secure payment
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Thousands of positive feedback


  • Some customers didn’t pass the credit check.

Metrofone Insurance

In guaranteeing your satisfaction, this company has 1 month of free insurance and an additional fee for certain extensions. This insurance will cover theft, water damage, accidental damage, and misses of air time.

So, this insurance will protect your handset from any damage and loss. Furthermore, if you want to claim the insurance, you should contact Warranty and Creditor Services. But, if your phone is stolen, you need to reach the police first to get the crime reference number.

Metrofone Contact Information

How To Contact

In case you have a question that you can’t find the answer to in our Metrofone review, feel free to contact customer service. It’ll be available from mon-sat via:


Unit 5, The E-Centre
Easthampsted Road, Bracknell
Berkshire, RG12 1NF

Where To Buy

Intrigued about upgrading your mobile phone at the lowest price? Then you should scour its collection at Besides, you can do the in-store shopping or pickup in Easthampstead Rd, Bracknell.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are curious about certain issues, check the FAQs below that most customers ask when looking for a Metrofone review.

Who owns Metrofone?

This mobile phones direct is owned by KTM Online Limited.

Does Metrofone do credit checks?

Yes, it does. The company will use your personal information to verify your identity and credit check to make credit decisions.

How long does Metrofone take to deliver?

Actually, it depends on your location and unexpected condition. However, it is most likely to arrive the next day.

Why is Metrofone so cheap?

This company has extremely affordable pricing since the company purchase the product in bulk to get a lower price.

Is Metrofone the same as Fonehouse?

Metrofone and Fonehouse are different retailers under the same company KTM Online. So it’s like they are family.


After reading our Metrofone review, should you buy from this online store? Well, it’s worth purchasing absolutely. It has a vast product collection with an authenticity guarantee plus reasonable pricing.

The multi-SIM cards and multiple contracts offer the flexibility to choose the most suitable plan for your needs. So to get the best from your mobile phone and its networks, scour Metrofone for the best bargains!

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