LiGo Reviews

The establishment of LiGo was started in 2003 when electronics shopping was in dire straits. People are forced to leave their homes to shop in an ungarishly lit warehouse with unhelpful staff and, worse, overpriced products.

LiGo Reviews
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From these dark and oppressive times, this brand was born with a better shopping way of electronics. Furthermore, it grows the online business with circa 6,000 sq/ft headquarters and the finest customer service.

Its mission was simple. The brand strives to create a company with top-quality telecommunications equipment and electronic goods. Throughout the years, its commitment made it grow more extensive, with over 1.3K customer reviews and 4.8K Facebook followers.

Seems flawless, right? However, as intelligent buyers, we need thorough research to ensure a good purchase. So, please stay with us for more information about testimonials and deals in our LiGo review!

Why LiGo Phones?

LiGo has flourished as one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom. Even better, the company expanded its business into France and Germany. Thanks to its outstanding product collection and superb customer service.

Why LiGo Phones?
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In addition, its online store successfully expanded its product assortment from telephones to kitchen appliances. Supported by the trained customer service team, you can consult and ask questions for pre- and post-purchases. What a tremendous tailored customer satisfaction.

Striving for the most reasonable pricing in the market, this online store also provides the price match promise. On top of that, the free shipping and 30-day return policy push customer satisfaction to the max.

What's On LiGo Company

You can’t pick telephones easily. is an online retailer selling a selection of telecommunication equipment and electronics. However, this company is well known for its telephone collection for home or business usage.

The website covers various telecommunication products, from cordless phones to air fryers. Besides, customers can find the best quality products from top brands. It encompasses Panasonic, Gigaset, Jabra, Motorola, Viking Optical and Smeg.

Product Collections

Telephones Cordless Phones, VoIP Phones, Corded Phones, Conference Phones, etc
Audio DAB Radios, Speakers, CD Players, etc
Headsets Wireless Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets, Corded Headsets, Accessories, etc
Outdoors Camping, Instant Camera, Binoculars, Scopes, Walkie Talkies, etc
Kitchen Kettles, Toasters, Coffee Machines, Cooking, Baking, etc
Business Business Phones, Two Way Radios, Remote Working, Conferencing, etc

At this point, you may be wrecking your brain to find the best products from its super vast collection. Thus, we’ll choose the best one to be broken down in our LiGo review section below!

LiGo Gigaset Phones Reviews

Siemens Gigaset Premium C575A Cordless Phone, Single Handset with Answer Machine

LiGo Siemens Gigaset Premium C575A Cordless Phone is the best-selling cordless telephone in its collection. One reason is the perfect combination of designs, ergonomics and power for ultimate comfort and convenience when on the phone.

LiGo Gigaset Phones Reviews
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The slim design ensures an easy-to-hold design without sacrificing the elegant appearance. Furthermore, the large address book with easy contact management offers up to 200 contacts. It also comes with unique features like dial keys and a VIP tune.

In addition, this cordless phone features first-class audio with a crystal clear loudspeaker and earpiece. It also has a hearing aid compatible with the 5-level volume and 2 acoustic profiles. What a super audio and customization quality.

For a free-from-nuisance call, enjoy the block anonymous call function and silence the ringer at a specific time. These functions are great when you need an undisturbed time, whether for a meal or night.

The plug-and-play setup is also one thing that needs to be emphasized. The simple menu interface makes it easy to use right out of the box. Also, the ECO DECT technology delivers a radiation-free standby mode, ensuring environmentally friendly performance.

FYI, the Gigaset C575A phones cost £64.99 regularly. But it currently only costs £54.99 at the current sale. Aside from that, add more handsets that’ll cost less each time, from twin to six handsets.

So, enjoy a calling experience like never before with LiGo Gigaset C575A cordless telephone! Prices

How Much Does LiGo Cost?

The website sells the products in single or even bundle items with price ranges from £9.99 to £1,404.99. The lowest-priced item is the Motorola Acoustic Tube Earpiece with PTT & Mic for the TLKR Series. The highest is Motorola XT460 Ten Pack Two-Way Radios with Charger.

Collection Pricing

Telephones £22.99 to £879.99
Audio £24.99 to £399.95
Headsets £14.99 to £799.99
Outdoors £9.99 to £1,404.99
Kitchen £27.99 to £354.95

After checking the website, we found that this brand also has impressive sales for most items. So, if you don’t want to regret the purchase, check the perks listed below:

  • Free shipping on orders over £50
  • Find all discounted products on the Sale page
  • Guarantee the lowest price with the price match promise
  • Sign up for £5 off discount code and exclusive perks notifications. Returns

Covering the purchase with a 30-day return policy will guarantee the product’s quality. So, customers can claim for the return for original, resaleable and undamaged items. By claiming the return, you can obtain a refund if it’s approved.

Customers must be responsible for the return postage cost, or LiGo will deduct the shipping fee from the refund. Moreover, when the products already arrived in the warehouse, it usually takes 5-7 days to be issued. So, to start the return, contact the customer service team. Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

The decades of dedication in the industry have served millions of people. Their purchase always leaves traces anywhere, including in several review platforms. Here’s the rating and review data for those platforms: Reviews
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  • Google Reviews collected 581 feedbacks with a 4.8/5 rating
  • Trustpilot gathered 1,336 testimonials with a 4.8/5 rating
  • Facebook collected 41 testimonials with a 4.1/5 rating

It’s worth praising. This brand has positive ratings and reviews on its website and even across platforms. Next, to carefully consider the customer reviews, we’ve chosen one of LiGo electronics reviews:

If I needed a new cell phone or cell phone accessory, I would contact LiGo first. The customer service is outstanding, and they answer questions quickly and with the right information. It is a great selection of products and an unbeatable price…

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we intentionally chose one negative review. It allows us to take into account the customer’s concerns when purchasing the products. Below is one of the testimonials with a complaint:

… It arrived in a badly damaged box as the inadequate thin plastic sleeve used to ship had opened… I snapped a photo and immediately repackaged and returned the phone for a refund… Very glad they refunded…

Like the reviews above, nearly all customers state the unparalleled product quality and customer service. However, some customers are concerned about late shipping and product damage from shipping. Fortunately, it’s covered by the return policy.

Is LiGo Phones Worth It?

There’s no way that this brand is unworthy. With superb customer service and a great product collection, LiGo Electronics is undoubtedly worth the money. Mainly due to the affordable pricing with a price match guarantee. Ensures the best deals in the market.

Is LiGo Phones Worth It?
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Don’t underestimate its decades of experience since it built a robust foundation as the best company. The customer service is top-notch, with a super friendly and insightful team. Furthermore, the telecommunication products and electronics are chosen from the best brands with the highest quality.

LiGo Pros And Cons

Are you excited to bring a quality phone? Better calm down your desire and clear your mind. Carefully consider the pros and cons below to ensure the wisest decision:


  • Wide selection of products
  • Quality features and great build
  • Affordable price with many sales
  • Price match promise
  • Free delivery
  • 30 days return policy
  • High-rated and reviewed
  • Superb customer service


  • Poor shipping packaging
  • Delay in process before delivery.

LiGo Customer Service

How To Contact

In case you have questions before checking out the products, you can simply contact the customer service team. Jot down a message or call them using the contact information below:

Headquarters Address

30 C/O Aberdein Considine
Cloth Market, Newcastle
England, NE1 1EE

Where To Buy LiGo

Want to start choosing new items in your home? The best place to browse and purchase its telecommunications equipment and electronics is from the official store at Find a great collection of phones, cordless and headsets at the best price!


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s common sense if you have any questions before having the courage to purchase a product from a particular brand. So, for more information, review the FAQs below related to the LiGo review.

Where is LiGo Electronics based?

This electronic company address is based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Who owns LiGo electronics?

This brand is listed under LiGo Electronics Ltd.

Is safe?

With thousands of genuine customer reviews and a listed company, this online store is safe. In addition, it has a secure payment process and a safe website with SSL certification.

Is reliable?

Yes, it’s a reliable company with a long history in the industry. You can rely on this company when looking for telephones and other electronic devices at a reasonable price.


There is not much we can say about our LiGo review. This company is a great place to find telecommunication and electronic products at the best cost. Gathering the most trustworthy brands in one place truly offers the most feature-packed products.

In addition, this store is the best stop for budget-conscious customers to find authentic items at the lowest price. Absolutely amaze you with top-notch quality and unmatched features. Thus, choose your favourite phone and guarantee the lowest price in the LiGo!

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