What Is Banana Phone?

It’s time to switch out your regular handset for Banana Phone! It’s not a phone yet it’s a Bluetooth handset that allows for connection to your smartphone.

What Is Banana Phone?
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Max Brown, Brian Brunsing, and Charlie Katrycz are the people behind this unique stuff. They are three best friends who want to do something meaningful in life.

The idea finally hit its target when they raised $45,000 from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It’s been almost 5 years since the brand was founded. And they always strive to provide their best for the customers.  

As of now, the brand has received pre-orders for more than 1000 items from 18 countries overseas. It has also been listed as one of the best functional phone recommendations in several media platforms, such as HuffPost, Mashable, The Verge, and Esquire.

Banana Phone was also featured on Shark Tank, which airs in the episode of Season 14 on September 30, 2022. According to the show, this one is the best invention phone ever. 

The brand is indeed well-known. We can see its popularity through social media with 2.6k+ followers on Facebook and 3.3k+ followers on Instagram. 

So, is it the product you’ve been looking for? In this Banana Phone review, we break down the features, design, and how it works in depth. Keep on scrolling!

Why Banana Phone?

As a member of 1% for the Planet, you’re not only shopping for this unique device. But every 1% of your purchase will be donated to gorilla conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It means you did your part to save the gorillas there.

Other than that, this brand guarantees all its excellent services to fulfill the customers’ needs. As they understand that customer satisfaction always comes first.

Below are the advantages you get, as follows:

Banana Phone Highlights

  • Free shipping & fast shipping 
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Transparent return policy 
  • Offers huge discounts & promotions 
  • Exceptional customer service 

What's On Banana Phone

This trusted brand produces Bluetooth-enabled wireless handsets to talk and play your favorite songs from a banana. It looks like a real banana you put in your ear. But not to forget, you can’t eat this. 

The rechargeable product can be used by people of any age. Not to mention children. In fact, this phone is more user-friendly for children than smartphones. It will be a fun gadget for kids to carry around safely.

Banana Phone Review

Banana Phone is made from 100% recycled ABS plastic using conflict-free minerals. All materials and packaging are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Banana Phone Review
Image credit: facebook.com/bananaphone.io
facebook.com/bananaphone.io https://facebook.com/bananaphone.io

This Bluetooth handset works with all Bluetooth devices on Android, iPhone, Google, Siri, and Alexa. It is equipped with excellent features that make receiving and initiating calls easy. So you can talk with your banana effortlessly. It’s so funny!

There’s a speaker at the top and a microphone at the bottom. You’ll notice three buttons in the center: volume up, multifunction, and volume down. It also includes an LED indicator that will light up while in use.

Use the multifunction button to answer and reject calls, pair Bluetooth, and play music. It gives you 20 hours of talk time and 120 hours of idle time. Then, you can recharge the banana using a micro USB lithium battery.

Buy now and seize your excitement on the wireless banana!

How Does Banana Phone Work?

The Banana Phone is more than just a regular handset. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This unique stuff is versatile enough to go with you.

It comes with Voice Assistant to take a voice command: “Play music“, “Call George“, and “What’s the weather outside?” When activated, it will instantly link to your smartphone and you can use it to

  • Receive Calls: Once your Banana ring, click the middle multifunction to answer an incoming call. 
  • Initiate Calls: If you want to make a call, double-click the middle button and speak into the microphone and say “Call George”.
  • Hang Up: Of course, you can reject the call. Press the middle button for it. 
  • Play Music: Ask the voice assistant to “Play music” and enjoy your favourite tunes. 

Banana Phone Instruction

Here’s the quick start guide to using your Banana, as mentioned:

  • The device must be fully charged before using it
  • Click the multi-function button to turn on the Banana
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone and start to connect to Banana
  • Double-clicking the multifunction button to activate your smartphone’s voice assistant. Use voice commands to play music and make calls
  • If you want to answer incoming calls, just click the multifunction button, or
  • Holding the button down for 2 seconds to reject calls
  • Then, adjust the volume freely

If you still get a little lost, read the manual instruction included in your package or watch a video tutorial on YouTube.

Banana Phone Price

At Banana Phone, shopping is more fun than ever, as the discount is offered directly on the website. You can spend your money on this banana handset at the following price:

  • Regular price: $49.99
  • Sale price: $39.99

If you need more exclusive deals, enter your email address and join the subscription. You’ll receive up-to-date news and offers in your inbox. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the box subscription. 

Banana Phone Pros & Cons

Every device has strengths and weaknesses; the Banana Phone is no exception. To simplify your quest, here we have compiled some points you should pay attention to.

Banana Phone Pros

  • Fully recyclable packaging 
  • Great to make a phone call
  • It is suitable for children
  • Lightweight enough to carry on 
  • Best value for the money

Banana Phone Cons

  • The buttery runs out quickly

Is Banana Phone Worth To Buy?

Now that you’ve read our review, you might still have a question: Is Banana Phone really worth buying? With a sleek design that fits perfectly in your hand, this Banana wireless handset can be your new best friend no matter your activity.

Is Banana Phone Worth To Buy?
Image credit: facebook.com/bananaphone.io
facebook.com/bananaphone.io https://facebook.com/bananaphone.io

Especially for children, this Banana will give an alternative to gadget addiction. This product is very simple to use, with several buttons available.

In terms of price, we think this device is budget-friendly. There’s no reason not to buy this fun stuff. It’s worth every penny.

Banana Phone Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Do you feel skeptical about this brand? Read the testimonials below to see what people are really saying about this smart handset

As seen on the website, it has 4.74 out of 5 ratings based on 74 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 ratings from 1.534 Amazon reviews. 

One buyer said:

Definitely a fun diversion during my work day. I will receive/make a few calls during the week and benefit from it.

From the statement above, a customer agrees that the unique design fits perfectly in hand to be carried around.

Another customer shared his happiness as this banana handset has a wonderful and clear sound. As said:

Everyone wants to talk with the banana! The sound is awesome yet too loud. This can also be used as a small speaker, really! To be honest, I am very surprised by the finest quality of the banana! …

In addition to quality, this funny stuff is very convenient and brings happiness to everyone. She said:

Love it so much! This device works well and is extremely easy to use. It always makes people laugh whenever and wherever I use it.

Overall, most customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase. You can find other testimonials available on the website to build your trust.

How To Contact Banana Phone

Having trouble with this handset? Talk to customer service to find the answers you are looking for by using the contact method below:

Or connect to their social media at:

  • Facebook: facebook.com/bananaphone
  • Instagram: instagram.com/bananaphone
  • YouTube: youtube.com/@bananaphone4357

Banana Phone Address 

75 Boxwood Ln, Buffalo,
NY 14227, United States

Banana Phone Shipping Policy

You can claim free shipping on your Banana Phone orders. It applies only to the United States with standard service. 

Once your package is placed, the team will process it within 2-3 business days. Then the package will be delivered to each location at your front door.

The shipment confirmation email will be delivered along with the tracking number. After that, you can track it within 24 hours.

Where To Buy Banana Phone

You can buy a wireless handset easily through the official online store. There, you can ensure the product’s authenticity and earn exclusive deals. The product is also available on Amazon. 


Some customers frequently ask the following questions while searching for Banana Phone reviews.

Who Invented The Banana Phone?

It was founded by Brian Brunsing and Max Brown with a vision of “Talk More, Smile More, and Save Gorillas.

Where Does Banana Phone Come From?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about that. 

How Much Is The Banana Phone Worth?

The product was featured on Tank with the hope of increasing the value of those with an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million.


Should you buy the Banana Phone? Of course, why not? You can express your joy and talk more comfortably without distractions. Slip it into your pocket or bag for convenient storage.

The sound is amazing, and the function is incredible. Give it as a funny package with a sleek black gift for your loved ones. And you can save the gorilla, by the way.  It’s a big combo, right? 

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